Where is God Leading Us?

Mission Statement: Growing Joyful Followers of Jesus

Vision Statement

By 2023 we will be a flourishing Anglican Fellowship of 300 people

across a number of missional congregations, known for our:

Faithfulness to Jesus

Connections with the wider Community, and

Heartfelt worship

Ministry Teams

The following teams were developed to assist in working towards achieving the vision.

Mission and Evangelism Team

Development of strategies that will promote effective mission and evangelism within and through

the parish. Develop written plans to implement these strategies and organise any training and

events needed to support these plans.

Property Development Team

Management and monitoring of the development of St Mark’s property, (including the Church and

the Rectory), and the surrounding grounds and signage, to ensure that the Church’s visibility is

maximised, and that the property and landscaping is presented in good condition and is welcoming.

Ensure that any development works undertaken on/in the buildings or in the grounds is within

code, and where applicable, has Tea Tree Gully Council and/or Faculty approval in place.

Communication Improvement Team

Improvement of the current communication system, utilising the latest available technology and

information systems to improve communication within the community of St Mark’s Golden Grove

and the wider community.

Develop systems to maintain contact with parishioners who attend regularly, are ad-hoc attendees

and the ‘off the street’ interested parties.

Policy Development Team

Ensure that St Mark’s has sufficient and appropriate policies in place to provide guidance to its

congregation and/or attending tradespeople, in order to meet relevant legislative, Diocesan and

community obligations.

At least every two years undertake to review current policies and provide a report to Parish Council

of the review outcome and any recommended/required changes.

Church Life Team

Development of ways to build Christian discipleship and enhance the community life of the parish.

Worship Enrichment Team

Explore ways for lay people to use their gifts in order to enhance worship with the goal to:

Draw us closer to God through Christ

Attract, inform and delight

Give hope and love

Let others feel the presence of God