More About Us

Who are we?

St Mark's is an Anglican Church in the northern suburbs of the Adelaide Diocese. We're a group of people who believe that we have been forgiven through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, and given the promise of eternal life with him in heaven. We celebrate this good news whenever we gather together. We consist of men, women and children of a range of ages and stages of life. We would love to welcome you to our church, whether you are passing through on holidays, are looking for a church to join, or have questions about God, life, and why Jesus is so important to us and our Christian faith.

We believe that the only reason we can be in a right relationship with God is because of the incredible grace that God has shown to us. We recognise that we cannot be good enough to be right with God on our own merit - our own lives fall short of God's standard of perfection. Indeed, the only person who has ever lived a perfect life is his son Jesus Christ. We gratefully accept God's offer of salvation, that the punishment for our sins was paid through Jesus' death on the cross. We believe that his resurrection means that everyone who trusts in him will also have new life in heaven. We seek to have a growing relationship with God, trusting in his wisdom and guidance, and spending time with him through praying and reading the Bible.

We believe the Bible is the trustworthy and authoritative word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and recorded over a period of more than a thousand years. We believe that God has spoken to people in the past through the Bible, and trust that he continues to speak to us through the Bible today. We also believe that God has given his Holy Spirit to live in everyone who has trusted God with their lives. We look forward to the return of Jesus Christ, when everyone who loves God and who trusts in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour will be brought to heaven, to be fully restored to a perfect relationship with God.

In the meantime we seek to share the good news about Jesus with those here in Golden Grove and beyond. We understand the joy that a relationship with God brings, and we want to share that with others so they, too, can be in a good relationship with God and be saved from the judgement that we all deserve.

If you'd like more information about the Christian faith, about who Jesus is and why he had to die, the Christianity Explored website has some great videos you can watch here. You may also want to contact us and chat with one of our pastoral team face to face.